Foreign Student Support Systems

Fellow Foreign Students

Students from various countries and regions gather at Sanko Gakuen to acquire professional skills and knowledge. Some of them share their experiences on this page.

Photo: Yu Zhou, China, Patissier Course, Sweets and Patissier Department Tokyo Sweets & Cafe Career College

Yu Zhou, China
Patissier Course
Sweets and Patissier Department Tokyo Sweets & Cafe Career College

Since I'd been majoring in Japanese at a Chinese University, after graduating I planned to study abroad at Hokkaido University. But as time went by, I started to think about what I really wanted to study and do with my life, and as a result of that search, I realized that I wanted to learn about sweets. After that, I requested brochures from many different schools but I was impressed with how the materials from Sanko Gakuen arrived the fastest. The biggest deciding factor was how much fun I had during my trial lesson, and I decided to enroll.

Sanko Gakuen offers an excellent learning environment and I feel fulfilled every day because I have the opportunity to learn new things. Classes aren't limited to making sweets; we also get taught a lot of things related to store development, like how to display products. It's also great to have friends that are so nice to me!

After graduating, I want to return to China and open my own store. While there are a lot of cooking classes and confectionery classes in Japan, these haven't yet become common in China, so I hope to develop a store that doubles as both a cooking class and cafe.

Photo: Yuchen Gao, Taiwan, Patissier Course, Sweets and Patissier Department Tokyo Sweets & Cafe Career College

Yuchen Gao, Taiwan
Patissier Course
Sweets and Patissier Department Tokyo Sweets & Cafe Career College

I had a strong desire to learn Japanese and study how to run a business in Japan, so I decided to come to Japan to study. The atmosphere of the school left a great impression with me after I took a trial lesson so I decided on Sanko Gakuen. I'm delighted by the opportunity to learn business administration and the expertise required to develop a store.

Once I've graduated, I want to start by finding a job in Japan and working there for a while. In the future, I plan to return to Taiwan and work as the store manager at a bakery run by my mother's friend. I hope that going forward I will be entrusted with the management of the store.

Photo: Zhifen Hou, Taiwan, Beauty Course, Tokyo Beauty Art College

Zhifen Hou, Taiwan
Beauty Course
Tokyo Beauty Art College

During my trial lessons I was attracted by the sense of distance between the teacher and students and decided to enroll. The teachers as well as the senior students treat me with genuine warmth. While the teachers are usually very kind, during class they make sure to offer proper and strict instruction. At Tokyo Beauty Art College the distance between teachers and students is really good. At the moment I'm concentrating a lot on my studies, but it's really fun to spent time with friends as part of campus life.

My current goal is to first obtain a beautician's license and work in Japan. After that, I eventually want to open my own business. While I don't yet have a completely clear image, I want to create a smallish yet distinctive salon that encourages people to become repeat customers.

Photo: Baolan Ma, China, Confectionery and Patissier Course, Tsuji Gakuen Culinary & Confectionery College

Baolan Ma, China
Confectionery and Patissier Course
Tsuji Gakuen Culinary & Confectionery College

I enrolled in Tsuji Gakuen after university life in China and Japan. As I love to make sweets, I proactively take part in lessons and self-study.

All of the teachers at Tsuji Gakuen are warmhearted. They are always concerned about students and chatting with them after class is really enjoyable.

In the future I hope to provide healing to busy people with the sweets I make, and eventually I want to open my own store in China.

Photo: Wanlin Han, China, Total Beauty Course, Tokyo Beauty Art College

Wanlin Han, China
Total Beauty Course
Tokyo Beauty Art College

As I had always been interested in beauty-related fields such as manicures and makeup, I wanted to study this area in more depth, gain knowledge and earn manicurist and color coordinator qualifications, among others. One of the reasons I chose Tokyo Beauty Art College was because a friend from my high school days back in China also studies here and I wanted to attend together with her.

When I first came to Japan I couldn't speak any Japanese at all and had to start from the beginning by learning Hiragana and Katakana. Even though there were so many things I didn't understand, I was so happy that the teachers and fellow students treated me with such kindness, and even now when there is something I don't understand, everyone around me explains it patiently.

For now I want to continue to devote my efforts to studying and take on the challenge of obtaining manicurist qualifications. My future dream is to fully graduate and become a manicurist, and eventually work in both China and Japan. I'm sure it will be tough in many ways, but I'm going to give it my all!

Photo: Hyunchae I, South Korea, Total Beauty Course, Tokyo Beauty Art College

Hyunchae I, South Korea
Total Beauty Course
Tokyo Beauty Art College

I was also studying beauty in South Korea, but since I wanted to learn more advanced techniques and knowledge I started looking for colleges in Japan and came across Tokyo Beauty Art College. When I observed an esthetics class, I learned that the teachers have a good teaching style and that the way the lessons are taught and the content differs from South Korea. As a result, I decided to enroll.

At the college I find the esthetics classes especially fun. Outside of school, I enjoy experiencing the seasonal events and Japan's traditional culture, as well as going to various places with my friends. Although it's a little at a time, I've started to feel myself that my Japanese is improving, and when I am able to communicate well, I feel glad that I decided to study in Japan.

In the future, I want to become a full-fledged aesthetician, and have my own aesthetic salon in South Korea. South Korea also has a lot of aesthetic salons, but as they charge a lot and people can't visit casually, at my own salon I want to set reasonable prices and develop a place people can visit to relax.

What I want to convey to people interested in studying abroad in Japan is that if there is something you want to study, you should take up the challenge. If you do so, I believe you will be able to experience an even wider world. You might feel a lot of anxiety about studying in Japan, but rest assured, Japan is full of kind people, so you can take on the challenge with peace of mind!

Sanko Gakuen has established support systems to ensure that foreign students can learn with peace of mind.

Sanko Gakuen has set up support systems at each campus to ensure foreign students can learn with peace of mind. Some of our colleges even offer scholarship programs and student dormitories, so check the brochures for details.